05 Jun 12 at 7 pm


after lunch at jimbaran, we went down to kuta for some shopping. somehow, everyone seems to want to get the lepak pants or the baggy pants. even my dad! hahah! after years of wearing them no one seemed to be interested in them.. but that means more more me! heheh.

anw, we went to uluwatu to catch the sunset. it was really nice, it was just the sea and nothing else.. except for the MONKEYS! hahaha! when i went 2 years ago, we had the same problem with them, aidil got his glasses stolen when a monkey tapped his shoulder and he turned to look and BAM its gone! hahaha and it happened quite alot! my cousin got chased by a monkey when we entered cos he was holding a piece of corn! that was quite hilarous.. so in the end he had to give the corn away, throwing it to the ground so that the monkeys stopped chasing him.

everyone was warned numerous times and the funny thing is it happened to my mom! at first she wasnt wearing her specs so i told her to wear them since she wasnt standing anywhere close to the edges where the monkeys were running about so she wore them back. she was sitting with my dad somewhere on some bench somewhere away from the edge and before she knew it her specs were gone! a monkey came from behind and someone shouted so when she turned her glasses were gone!

i asked her if it hurt, but she said it didnt. she said the moment she turned, everything was a blur! and to get your stuff back, the locals there would give them some food stuff and you’ll have to pay them to get your stuff back.. i dont know if this is a scam or not, but it works well. almost every other minute you’ll see someone losing their stuff!

there was another funny thing that happened with my cute little niece, her little slippers with little flowers and the monkeys but maybe next time!

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