21 Jul 12 at 11 pm

salam ramadhan everyone!

today was our first day of fasting in this blessed month of ramadhan in china, and we have about 3 weeks of fasting to do in china, alhamdulillah and this will be my first ramadhan away from home..

this was the first neu ru mian (beef noodles) we’ve had in a long long long time! the people in xinjiang dont really eat them somehow.. and they’re really good! the owners gave us a plate of melons for free to break our fast before we had the huge bowl of noodles.. alhamdulillah!

the fasting duration here is longer compared to singapore, with its early fajr at about 420 and the late maghrib at about 910! we’re now in the gansu province which is not so bad compared to xinjiang which has a very late maghrib! 

alhamdulillah, everything has been good, insyaAllah tmr we’ll be heading to jiayuguan, the city where they say its the start of the great wall of china. from there then we’ll see how we can get to beijing! everything hasnt been according to plan so far, but alhamdulillah everything has been good, for Allah is the Best of Planners.

doa for us, our safety, and that Allah grant us patience during this journey, and have a blessed, blessed ramadhan my fellow muslim friends, insyaAllah!


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