26 Jul 12 at 2 pm

sitting on the top of the guard tower, 

the great wall, jiayuguan 

i have always wanted to go to the great wall, and alhamdulillah, i just did a few days back in jiayuguan. it is the first pass of the great wall and somehow we never knew about it until just.. like we only know about them in beijing, but somehow never questioned where it started and all.

it was quite a hike up, but it was quite worth it! to be able to sit on the tower itself.. hahaha! 

we’re now in xian after a 22hour train ride from jiayuguan, where we reached yesterday afternoon at 2, after our train got delayed for about 7 hours because of the rain washing away some tracks!

we’ve bought our tickets for beijing later at 6, and we’re told that beijing was hit with a bad flood and all by our roommate and we just checked and whoa its madness! insyaAllah it will be ok for us, we hope that somehow the worst hit region isnt in the main city where we plan to be! so doa for us, insyaAllah!

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