18 Aug 12 at 10 pm

the first noodle,

it was my first noodle in china, and it was really really good and cheap. probably the dish i have the most in china (niu ro mien or beef noodles). i really like it! its always very cheap, this was 6yuan which is $1.20 and the portion is ALWAYS huge!

i never really buy chinese noodles in singapore, but i love it here in china! speaking of which, the ban mien and niu ro mien here in kunming is AWESOME! hahaha! basically thats the only place we go here, to break our fast, other than that we’re prolly in the hostel, in the lounge or playing ping pong. 

anw, i didnt even notice the entrance of this little shop. i was confused at first when they turned into this little dark door, until i saw the words ‘BismillahhirRahmanirRahim’ on a metal plate above the door.

i asked for a bowl of niu ro mien and i think irshad pointed randomly at the menu. i dont remember what he got though, but thats what he does sometimes. hahaha. 

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