06 Mar 14 at 12 am

Landscapes of Ladakh,

Leh, Kashmir, 2010

11 Sep 13 at 4 pm

Day and night, view from the rooftop,

The blue city of Chefchaouen,

03 Jul 13 at 6 pm

hot air balloon,


one of the most memorable things i have done ever. <3

you know the fruitella sweet advertisements we had back in the day? the ones with the colourful hot air balloon? there were a couple of those!!!

anw, once up there, it was so breath taking. the sunset, the many balloons up at the same time, subhanAllah.

Ahlamdulillah, for all these. everything was just perfect. the golden rays of sun, the clear blue skies.. insyaAllah i will come back here again.. :)

12 May 13 at 6 pm

flowers of keukenhof,

the Netherlands.

i have never seen so many flowers in my life, subhanAllah. it is the largest flower garden in europe and apparently the world!

i spent hours wandering the garden, getting lost a couple of times and it was really nice. some of the flowers i have never ever seen in my life, it was really something. alhamdulillah!

if any of you have the chance to go, go! it only opens for 2 months in a year when the flowers bloom and alhamdulillah when i was there i think all of them were blooming beautifully.

07 Apr 13 at 7 am


another old, beautiful old town but with a castle!

i spent the easter weekend in this city, cycling around town. i wanted to visit the others in either paris or eindhoven but the tickets were too expensive that weekend so i decided to get a bus down to hiedelberg and spend the weekend here.

it was really pretty, the pebble stoned grounds, the old buildings..

anyway last post for tonight, guten nacht!

07 Apr 13 at 6 am


an old town and ancient city, well known for the production of leica cameras.

Assalamualaikum, alhamdulillah I have arrived safely here in germany. i was here 2 weeks ago but was moving around and busy with getting some admin stuff done. but alhamdulillah everything is finally settling down and i cant wait to start the sem!

17 Mar 13 at 6 pm

trying to light paint with a string and a dying torch light,

haha nothing worked out and we were too cold and tired to continue after a few shots and we called it a night.

still was a beautiful night.

12 Mar 13 at 6 pm

a beautiful night,

sayram lake.

the moon was up and the sky was beautiful, the night was cold and i remember i was finishing my last cup of tea outside. my fingers were freezing the whole time but i just wanted to be out there.

the last photo is a long exposure shot of a truck with colourful lights going down the expressway and the tiny square you see in the middle foreground.. is the toilet! 4 sticks with a wall of some plastic or cloth i cant remember wrapped around.

click on the photo to see it in proper resolution, somehow it looks very grainy and compressed like that!

PS: the third and fourth photos are not photos of a sunrise/sunset, it’s the moon! just so you know! :D

11 Mar 13 at 8 pm

horse riding,

sayram lake.

the best, best horse riding experience i’ve ever had in my life. one of the best experience i’ve ever had in my life.

it wasnt like the other horse rides we had, we had guides but they let us go on our own! and the best thing is, the horse listens! though most of the time he wants to eat some grass.

i even managed to get it to gallop! and that was pretty scary, cos i wasnt expecting it to run when i said the command for it to run. i heard the locals using it so i tried, it didnt work for awhile but then it SUDDENLY ran! and it galloped away for a good 7 seconds. haha!

and the view got even better as we went up. everytime we went a little higher, we were like, “whoa! subhanAllah!” and our praises just got more as we reached the top.

the mountainous valleys seemed endless, and it was so wide and magnificent. you see herds of sheep spread out on the open, with the one shepherd standing by the side.. subhanAllah.

and as we reached the top, it was freezing cold. the wind was so strong as there we no trees to  block off the wind, but really, to see the sunset like that was something.. Alhamdulillah.

then there was this little girl who followed us along, she was just wearing a piece of clothing and she didnt seem to freeze at all. we had multiple jackets on, with socks and gloves and all that and we were freezing.. you can see here in one of the photos, her squatting down with the grass and trees in the background.

masyaAllah.. i’m very happy just recalling these.. anw, ive been busy with admin stuff for exchange hence the missing of some posts.. im currently waiting for my german visa for already a month now and still havnt gotten any news about it.. doa for me, brothers and sisters out there that everything runs smoothly insyaAllah.. :)

i’ve also set up a facebook page for my photos, people who are not friends with me on facebook can see them. there’s not much uploaded, but i’ll slowly put them in insyaAllah. here’s the link to the page, if you like what you see like it and share it! ;)

Photos by Haikal Aziz check it out! :D

01 Mar 13 at 5 pm

marriage by the lake,

we were walking by the lake and we saw this. they probably just got married, the was a crowd of family and friends with them and they were actually very curious to see us.

and look at her wedding dress!

25 Feb 13 at 4 pm

our backyard,

just behind our yurt, it this.

a whole meadow of wild yellow flowers as far as the eye can see, subhanAllah.

23 Feb 13 at 4 pm

inside the yurt,

beautiful isnt it! masyaAllah! and its so huge too! too much room for 4 people!

oh and the cool thing about the top part is that that’s the natural light/ rain cover. if you want more light, open it up more, if its raining close it, if you want to keep it warm, close it. haha and its pretty heavy to move it! you have to move it from the outside with ropes and all!

we slept on the floor, we just put the blankets and pillows down when we want to sleep. it was super nice sleeping there, it was very cold but with the thick and comfy blankets, youre always warm.. except for your face. unless you cover it up. but then you cant breathe. hahaha ok enough.