17 Mar 13 at 6 pm

trying to light paint with a string and a dying torch light,

haha nothing worked out and we were too cold and tired to continue after a few shots and we called it a night.

still was a beautiful night.

12 Mar 13 at 6 pm

a beautiful night,

sayram lake.

the moon was up and the sky was beautiful, the night was cold and i remember i was finishing my last cup of tea outside. my fingers were freezing the whole time but i just wanted to be out there.

the last photo is a long exposure shot of a truck with colourful lights going down the expressway and the tiny square you see in the middle foreground.. is the toilet! 4 sticks with a wall of some plastic or cloth i cant remember wrapped around.

click on the photo to see it in proper resolution, somehow it looks very grainy and compressed like that!

PS: the third and fourth photos are not photos of a sunrise/sunset, it’s the moon! just so you know! :D

22 Jul 12 at 10 pm

stars and clouds,

playing with the long exposure mode on my digicam,

and the results turned out to be very pleasing!

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