30 Jul 12 at 4 pm

chinese tea course,

yesterday after a long long day hiking up the great wall (which was fantastic!), we registered ourselves for this free chinese tea course in our hostel. it was just the 2 of us, this mother from the US and this guy from sweden. it lasted for an hour or so and it was just perfect after a long day climbing stairs..

anw, the great wall was really good. it’s as raw as it could get. the walls werent reconstructed, there were not many other tourists at all, and most of the time it’s like we’re going through a forest.

we had to hike up though the jungle and all to the walls, which you could see when you’re driving up, they’re all right at the top of the mountains.. we hiked for about 4 hours after a 2 hour drive, slept in this room after the hike while the rest of the guides went to eat and got back to the hostel with very little money left! we had maybe 30 yuan left which is like 6 dollars before be decided to withdraw some money. 

somehow they dont really have money exchange shops.. oh! and i dropped my camera! hahaha! while going out of the van! it’s working and all but the front part of the lens is a little damaged, with a dent!


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