20 Feb 14 at 5 pm

a week in Paris, 

summer of 2013.

I cannot believe this was nearly a year ago during my exchange.. how time flies eh?


11 Sep 13 at 4 pm

Day and night, view from the rooftop,

The blue city of Chefchaouen,

09 Sep 13 at 2 pm

Chefchaouen, the Blue City of Morocco.

This was for me my main destination for Morocco. The moment I saw photos of this magical place on google in my dorm in Essen, I told myself I HAD to come here.

And I was not disappointed one bit. Almost every wall was blue, and all the beautiful shades of blue. The medinah was old, it was quieter, and especially peaceful in the morning. The alleyways were more of a maze with slopes compared to the ones in Tangier or Marrakech, where we got lost a couple of times.

Our room was pretty decent, it was also blue as well, the walls, blankets, and of course, like all the other places we stayed at, had a roof with a beautiful view of the mountain overlooking this little city.

marrakech alleyway,b+w
08 Sep 13 at 5 pm

Marrakech, Morocco II

Another set of photos of the streets and alleyways of marrakech, and the colourful market and night bazaar of jama’ al fanaa’.

07 Sep 13 at 7 pm

Marrakech, Morocco I

When we arrived in the morning, the medinah was quiet, it was nice, quiet and cool.

After we left to explore in the noon, the sun was up and hot, the streets got more crowded, touts trying to bring you to places, it was very overwhelming.

It took us awhile to like Marrakesh. We were spoilt by Tangier which was much smaller and more laid back. But we eventually did enjoy Marrakesh. We got used to the heat, the noise, the touts, the long way back, the food, the endless market place..

I can see why it’s the number 1 place to visit in Morocco on TripAdvisor, and I wished I had more time to spend there. The Riadh that we stayed in was perfect, the food aplenty, and everywhere and the tea as good as you can find anywhere in Morocco.

28 Jul 13 at 9 pm

streets of Tangier, Morocco.

i dont really know how to describe morocco, or tangier. different cities offered different experiences and tangier was probably one of my favourites.

it was peaceful yet noisy, beautiful yet rough, it felt so familiar yet at the same time very different.

15 Jul 13 at 8 am

Blue Mosque,

Istanbul, Turkey.

One of my favourite mosques in the world for me. it was really special, i cant put in in words to describe it, plus it was really beautiful subhanAllah.. :)

03 Jul 13 at 6 pm

hot air balloon,


one of the most memorable things i have done ever. <3

you know the fruitella sweet advertisements we had back in the day? the ones with the colourful hot air balloon? there were a couple of those!!!

anw, once up there, it was so breath taking. the sunset, the many balloons up at the same time, subhanAllah.

Ahlamdulillah, for all these. everything was just perfect. the golden rays of sun, the clear blue skies.. insyaAllah i will come back here again.. :)

03 Jul 13 at 5 pm

Cappadocia, Turkey.

this probably has got to be my favourite city in turkey, and even the world.

i stayed in the town of gerome, which was small, quiet, peaceful and of course beautiful. it was really a nice, quiet peaceful town. and you see those fairy chimneys everywhere!

and people actually stay in them. it keeps them warm during winter and cool in the summer. the people were especially kind and nice, and really you could wander out all day on your own enjoying the beautiful work of God that is the unreal landscapes of Cappedocia.

one day i spent alone walking through the hills and subhanAllah, every view was amazing! at noon, after walking for a couple of hours, i saw these two boys playing soccer, so i asked if i could join. they were both 18, cousins and we just juggled the ball and around for a good 20 minutes until we decided to take a break at one of the boy’s hut.

his mum sold handcrafted jewelery which was beautiful! they offered me drinks and i asked for the fresh orange juice since it was hot! anw they also asked if i wanted to join them for lunch, which of course i said yes, alhamdulillah, and it was amazing. we had bread with a largeeee bowl of soup, it was something like curry but i’m not sure of its name. after which the mom gave me another bowl of macaroni with yoghurt dressings and ended off with huge watermelons as desert.

she still had a huge bottle of coke for everyone in the end! i spent most of my day with them, talking mostly about soccer and all the different players in the world and it was nice, just sitting on the sofa and watching tourists hike past, enjoying the breeze and the quiet and peacefulness.

ah there’s so many things to talk about this town. i’ll make a summary of it ok.

  • i met this awesome korean dude traveling around turkey living in the same dorm and we hung out the whole time. (he loved the place so much he extended his stay for another 2 days!)
  • had awesomeeeeee food(the pides were HUGEEEEEE) and tea.
  • enjoyed the panoramic view at night and made some super friendly turkish guys, offered us so much drinks and food!
  • AWESOMEEEE baklawa.
  • met these two incredibly cute Argentinian women, a mother daughter pair during the tour. (the mother was 86 and still strong!)
  • hot air ballooning.
  • a photoshoot with one of my very very very close friends with his view against the beautiful scenery of Cappadocia.
  • stayed in a cave dorm.
  • hearing the athans from different mosques at the same time.
  • BEAUTIFUL handcrafted works, from clay pots to plates to scarfs to carpets to everything.

guys this place is just awesome. there’s more little stuff but then it’ll be too long. hahah insyaAllah come here if you intend to visit Turkey one day!

photos from the hot air balloon on another post! :P

13 Jun 13 at 1 am

Ebrahim + Khairunnisa,

A Honeymoon in Turkey.

Ebrahim, one of my very very good friends for nearly 8 years now recently got married a couple of weeks ago and i am very very very happy for him!

i am very honoured really to be able to take photos of them, especially on their honeymoon (dont worry i didnt crash them the whole time!) but really, i am sooooo happy to take these photos for them! alhamdulillah.

and also they’re so easy to work with! (good job guys!)

 anw, turkey has really been AMAZING. i am in love with this country. i never thought i would love it this much, but i really do. the people are so warm and friendly, the food is good, there are mosques everywhere (its really amazing when you hear several azans going on at the same time!), it has so much history and of course, it is so so so beautiful.

and insyaAllah i would like to bring my parents here one day, and of cource not forgetting my wife insyaAllah for my honeymoon! (HAHA doa for me to find a good wife that will be the coolness to my eyes first!)

the thing is, i only spent a week there, which is really reallllllly short, but it was enough to make it like it a whole lot, especially cappadocia! it was a beautiful old town, with fairy chimneys all around, very relaxed atmosphere with not many people at all, and of course i got to stay in a cave room!

i’ll post more photos of turkey when im free, but i was too excited to work on these photos before i wanted to do anything else.

i hope you guys like this set as much as i loved being a part of it.

with love,
Haikal Aziz

02 Jun 13 at 9 am


now my favourite city in germany.

where do i start! i was there for 4 days and it was still too short, there were so many things i have not seen or do yet. i had tours with the company called sandeman, quite famous all over europe and it was really worth while.

all the history lessons from 10 years ago came back, and berlin was so full of it. berlin was really interesting, and a very important part of german and human history.

learning again about the nazis and hitler, his rise, his fall, and visiting the concentration camps.. it was really an eye opener. the camps were huge! i never knew it would be that wide and huge.

the berlin wall, the one on the east side was really awesome man. all the nicely done works of art! i wish i could show them all to you guys!

and i like how germany does not try to hide any of these things. what they use these instead is to teach their citizens, especially more for the younger generation that these values by the nazis of racism especially, or these acts of violence and torture, is something really serious. and that everyone should learn from these past horrors.

i met up with marco, we met in krabi doing the phiphi island tours 2 years ago while i was traveling in south east asia, and also when he came to singapore. i was shocked when he pulled over with an audi A8!

i was like WHOAAAA!!! the car is so cool. ah i should not start with the car, this post will just go on and on! hahah! anw he showed me around, places i didnt have time to go and ended up at a nice korean restaurant in town to meet up with his friends just to chill and talk and have their dinner.

berlin was good, i really like it. i would really love to visit it again soon, but i’ll see my plans!

ok das ist alle! tschuss!

28 May 13 at 9 am

Mercedes-Benz Museum,


this is probably the best museum i have ever been to in my life. it was like a 5 star museum.

the whole building was awesome, all eight stories of it. the cement walls, the cool lifts, the way the space was designed, the free audio guides which you just point at whatever you wanna know, press a button and you can choose what you want to hear, the beautiful beautiful cars, the lights.. everything really.

it was handicapped friendly, you find the clean toilets easily, they have a HUGE timeline of important events that happened since mercedes-benz was created until now (which you can see in the photo with the long walkway and panels on the walls) (and the timeline starts at the top at level 8 and ends all the way down on the second level) (timeline shows context, which was pretty smart of them!) (ok enough brackets hahaha)

i was really really impressed!